Is there anybody out there?

Hey blog,

long time no see.

I know I’ve been awful at updating this thing, all I can say is I was busy, also uninspired and flat out lazy.

I was inspired to give this lark another go by this post Supporting Johanna Baxter, you should read it. It’s great.

I have made it very obvious on a number of media that I am opposed to the whole idea of slates. People urging me to support a slate really puts my dander up, I feel like they aren’t asking me to think for myself, just follow this predetermined line. In internal Labour Elections I work at finding out who the candidates are, if anyone can vouch for them personally and what their record is like. Then I vote for Ken Livingstone because Ken. I make no apologies for my total political fangirling around Red Ken, when first elected I was given a copy of his first autobiography and told to read it as “the most complete and in-depth book available on local government” (one day I hope to get him to sign it).

So Johanna standing as an individual, not on any slates intrigued me. I felt rather inclined to vote for her simply because of that. Then I learnt more about her and was very interested. A Labour activist since she was 16, growing up in a Scottish CLP as the granddaughter of a Killoch Pit miner, then a London CLP Secretary for 9 years and also a national officer for the Prospect Union. Having never met a representative of the NEC she was determined to shake things up and give members more of a stake in their National Executive Committee. Now in the Labour Party independent candidates don’t win, the slates have money and strength. (She didn’t win, but due to the elevation of Oona King to the Lords she got on as the next highest supported candidate.  She lost by only 172 votes In itself a huge achievement)

When she took her seat on the NEC expectations were high, and she didn’t disappoint. From the start she maintained a steady flow of communication in both directions, few active members can claim not to have heard of her regular reports. She publicised what she was doing and what decisions were being made, both through her reports (sent to CLPs, published on Labourlist, advertised on twitter) and her blog. You can also contact her directly on Twitter, she’s one of the most accessible people I know on there!

Apart from her skillful use of electronic media she did something which surprised and delighted me, in her first 52 weeks she visited 52 CLPS (you still owe Gedling a visit Jo). Not only was this something that had never been done before. but she did it off her own bat, in her own time and using her own money.

Two exhausted campaigners at the Feltham and Heston By-election


Not only was I impressed by her hard work and dedication but I was starting to class her amongst my good friends (bias alert) So when the 2012 election came up I was very happy to pitch in and campaign for her. But really her work speaks for itself and that’s why she was re-elected, not due to any campaigning, but due to her.

So hopefully if you read this you will click on some of the links i’ve scattered like confetti through this article, contact her and make your mind up.

I will remain #TeamJohanna