A Christian View of Equal Marriage

A friend of mine kindly gave me permission to post the letter she wrote to her mp here.

Dear MP,

I am writing to urge you to vote in favour of equal marriage laws.

I am Christian, a Methodist, a daughter of a Methodist Minister. I
have seen from news reports that you are worried that Christians will
be forced into performing marriage ceremonies that they do not want to
and you  asked that: “your community could let me know the strength of your
views on this matter prior to any legislation.”

In that community it is also true that there are Christian ministers who are eager to
give the blessing of God to the love and commitment of two people,
regardless of their gender.

The strength of my views as a Christian is an unswerving determination
to see human rights be taken up as the main cause of the church. Social
justice and equality are the kind of things Christians should be
standing up for.

Once I was at a service and the preaching minister talked about a time
when many years ago he had heard a minister say that AIDS was a
punishment for homosexuality and he walked out, “because it was the
right thing to do”. He said that sometimes the right thing to do is to
disagree with the church. To stay sitting, to stay in that place, would
have been wrong.

Right now the Conservatives have a chance to do just that, to stand up
for what is right and have an incredible legacy of bringing in equal
rights for people regardless of sexuality. Gay people also suffer a
huge stigma. Bullying and violence is frequent. Parents kicking their
children out. If the vote goes against equal marriage it will continue
to perpetuate this idea that we are different, we don’t deserve the
same rights or the same treatment. I believe that a vote for equal
marriage will stay on in history books far more than the double or
triple dip reception or any economic policy of David Cameron’s.

I myself am bisexual and currently engaged to marry a guy. I love him
very much and cannot wait to get married, but the knowledge that it
could so easily have been a very different situation is a great burden.
We do not love genders, we love people. I certainly do not think that
anyone else’s marriage affects the validity or strength of my own, as
some have suggested.

Currently there can be no religious wording at a civil ceremony, no
Bible readings or hymns or religious poems and no gay marriages in
The Government has promised protection for churches who do not want to
perform gay marriage. Please vote to allow churches and Christians who
DO want to have God and religious elements in their ceremony to do so.

If two people want to commit their lives together and do so as part of
the legal and religious traditions of our country then it is a
beautiful thing that they should not be excluded from because of

I look forward to hearing your response.

Yours sincerely,

Name redacted by request