Things wot I wrote, contributed to & Press


TUC Touchstone: Young people aren’t the future. We’re the here and now

LGA: Young Elected and Jobless

Young Labour Councillors Network: Getting women involved in politics

Anticipations: My Day Job (not online)


Women into politics day one, day two

TUC: Young people call for a future that works (video)

LGA: Young Blood

The Politics Show (Video)

Guardian Live Discussion: Are we doing enough to encourage young Councillors?

Guardian: Round Up – The best bits of Are we doing enough to encourage young councillors?

The Mirror: March for A future that works

Nottingham Post: Wards face reshuffle as Councillors are cut back

CWU: Youth Education Event

Nottingham Post: Kids given a voice

Nottingham Post: Digging deep for the homeless

Nottingham Post: Surprise Landslide

Contributed To

Communities and Local Government Committee Discussion Forum

Communities and Local Government Committee – Sixth Report: Councillors on the Frontline


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